2024 Race Results


Confused about who finished when? We're not.


Big One Run 1 Mile, New Castle, PA, 02-17-2024

Big One Run 5K, New Castle, PA, 02-17-2024

Cupid's Chase 5K, Pittsburgh, PA, 02-10-2024

Cupid's Chase 5K Age Groups, Pittsburgh, PA, 02-10-2024

Groundhog Jog 4 Miler, Punxsutawney, PA, 02-03-2024

Groundhog Jog 4 Miler Age Groups, Punxsutawney, PA, 02-03-2024

Snowfest 5 Miler, Greenwood Furnace, PA, 01-20-2024

Run to Read Half Marathon, Fairmont, WV, 01-13-2024

Run to Read Half Marathon Age Groups, Fairmont, WV, 01-13-2024

Set Your Year on Fire, Ligonier, PA, 01-07-2024

Resolution Run 5K, Oakdale, PA, 01-01-2024

Resolution Run 5K Age Groups, Oakdale, PA, 01-01-2024